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Once I order a painting, what is the turn around time?

Your custom portrait will be painted on high quality, 100% cotton Arches watercolor paper with Winsor and Newton watercolors. Once you order your painting, you will receive it within 6-8 weeks. 

If you need your painting sooner, email me at There could be an option to receive your painting within two weeks for an additional fee. 

Will you draw and paint faces?

No, outside of the "Story Book Portraits," that's not something I will offer at this time.

Why not?

1. I think faceless portraits can be just beautiful. I have come to enjoy them more and more. They tell a story in a unique way. In fact, faceless engagement and wedding portraits might be my favorites. I’m really grateful I get to create faceless portraits with you.

2. Sometimes faceless portraits are important to the story of the painting. Particularly with restorative family paintings. We want to represent a beloved child lost early in life or through miscarriage, to represent the family all together in a heavenly depiction of “all things being made new.” What a child’s face may have looked like at an older age is extremely personal to the parents and the family in general. I love painting the family together while allowing the face of the child to belong completely to the heart of the mother who misses and loves the child who she cannot physically hold.

3. Faces are the most personal part of your body. It’s what you look at first when you’re handed a photograph. As I have only been painting with watercolors for about a year and a half, this is an area that is especially tricky and I lack a lot of experience. It’s an area I want to grow in!

Every painting that I have the privilege to work on teaches me something new. It’s one of the reasons I love this job so much. Though faces are not something I currently offer, I hope to grow and learn and one day be able to feel the freedom to add them as an option.

I'm not sure if the background I want is minimal or detailed, how do I order?

Let's talk! If you think the background you are envisioning falls somewhere in the middle, just email me at I can create a quote for you based on your needs! 

Frequently Asked Questions: Musings & Thoughts
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